-: EASIPEEL 253 S :-
Product Name Easipeel 253 S
Suggestive End Uses Attractive Packing End Use
( Satin Finish)
temporary Decoration purposes in Studios, on glass, for Parties, Stadium Decorations & any social Function Decorations etc…
Suggestive Use:-Enviornmental Climate Tropical Climates
Availabilty of Product Available
Liquid Appearance As per Customers Requirement
Mode of Application Sprayable
Dry Film Colour As per Customers Requirement
Dry Film Property Elastic;
Good Protection; good texture; decorative dry film look.
Rain Water Resistance Nil.
Coverage (Sq. Ft. / kg) 80 to 100
DFT per single Coat
(µ microns)
Recommended DFT
(µ microns)
100 to 120
PACKING SIZE: Nett. Wt. 32 Kgs. Carbouys & 50 Kgs Drums.
DELIVERY TIME: One Month from Order Date.
Suggested Applications
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