-: EASIPEEL 203 B :-
Product Name EASIPEEL 203 B
Suggestive End Uses Interior & Exterior Use
Environmental Climate Cold & Tropical
Availabilty of Product Available
Liquid Appearance Light Blue; High Viscous
Mode of Application Brushable & Sprayable
Dry Film Colour Transparent to Slighty Transluscent Blue Colour
Dry Film Property Glossy; Elastic; More U.V. Resistant (6 months);
Larger DFT can be developed in wet-on-dry Brush coat
& wet-on-wet Spray coat; Slightly Water Resistant
Rain Water Resistance 50%
Coverage (Sq. Ft. / kg) 80 to 100
DFT per single Coat
(µ microns)
Recommended DFT
(µ microns)
120 to 150
Ask us for the Technical Data Sheet.


Nett. Wt.:
32 Kgs. Carbouys. 50 Kgs. Drums.