Short General Explanation Note:
This product quite unique and very simple/easy to use, having great beneficial properties for rust prevention. this can be used in construction process to avoid/stop the rusting process on the Steel Rods used in colums/beams etc... example construction buildings / concrete road building procedure...etc... pls refer to the TDS enclosed herewith.
This newly developed product Armour2Rust is for a use in rust protection, and a substitute to Red Oxide or "tectile" (a greasy thick petroleum paste used to prevent rust) used presently, it forms a very fine layer of rust protective layer which can even protect in open to rain condition, and the best advantage is you dont need to do the messy cleaning procedure you do in tectile.
Make a 40% solution in De-ionized water (as instructed in our Technical Data Sheet Attached) apply this liquid with simple paint brush, make the Metal surface wet by this liquid after about 15 to 30 mins (depending on ambient temperature in that area of application) the liquid will dry, leaving a non-visible layer of Armour2Rust on your Stainless Steel Claded Plate.